Terms & Conditions

1) Order Details

- You are required to submit your phone number to receive SMS notification when your parcel has arrived at the selected Daezbox points. SMS charges may apply.

2) Prohibited Items & Items with limited liability

- Please note that certain items are Prohibited Items and cannot be sent by any of our services. Check your item against the prohibited item list .

a. Gases, pyrotechnics, arms and ammunition or corrosive, toxic, flammable, explosive, oxidising or radioactive materials or any other noxious, dangerous or hazardous goods or goods likely to cause damage; human remains, including funerary items such as urns and ashes or animal remains including taxidermy or ashes.

b. Deeds, tender documents, documents including passports, stamps, securities, vouchers, money, credit cards, traveler’s cheques, precious stones or metals, livestock, liquids, foodstuffs, perishable goods, glass, bullion, coins, precious stones, fossils, stoneware, resin items, amber, composites, valuable jewellery, valuable antiques or plants or plant seeds or derivatives, animals (including insects, hatching eggs, birds, ivory), pornography, drugs or narcotics.

c. live plants, firearms, weapons and ammunition, breakable fragile items (glass, earthenware, porcelain, ceramics, crockery, sanitary ware and the like), perishable goods, counterfeit or pirated goods or material (including CD, VCD, DVD and BD);

d. other goods of a dangerous nature or which we in our sole and absolute opinion deem unsafe, unsuitable or otherwise unlawful.

If any one of the above items in the list is collected by carrier, you are liable to be surcharged and your parcel returned. No refund of postage will be made and compensation claims will be void. We have the right to dispose of any Prohibited Items, in whole or in part, as we decide and reserve the right to charge you for any reasonable costs we incur in doing so.

It is the customer's responsibility to read the terms and conditions.

Daezbox has the right to intercept, hold and investigate the contents of any parcel that is suspected to contain prohibited items and/or is suspected to be related to a case of fraud. Police will be notified if necessary.

3) Collection & Delivery

- Our Mobile App takes all booking data as per the customers input. If the collection does not happen or was not given within the time slot allocated, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform daEzbox via email of a failed or partial collection.

- Please note that all services start once the parcel is collected. If the collection fails, it is the customer's responsibility to inform daEzbox to reschedule for the next collection. No refunds or discount for failed collections.

4) Surcharges

- If the parcel (s) is heavier or larger, extra charges for the additional weight will be charged to the consignor's account. Additional charges will be at daEzbox’s normal rate. You will pay the additional charges at the daEzbox’s points. The system books and charges for the delivery. If the parcel(s) has to be returned, then the return charge is payable.

5) Delay / Damage / Loss

- Any item that is in our prohibited items list, we will not allow any claim against delay, damage and loss.

- Your consignment/s must be packed to a professional standard. Any claim resulting from a parcel that is not packaged to a professional standard will be rejected.

- In the event of damage all packaging must be kept for inspection. The item must be available for inspection in the condition it was delivered. If the item is moved / repaired or if the packaging is not kept, the claim will be rejected.

- Any item travelling through our services must be able to withstand a short drop, fragile items should not be sent though our services. Any item that is damaged as a result of a fall, with the packaging intact will therefore be declined.

- If the outside packaging is intact, then any claim for damage to the consignment will be invalidated as the internal packaging would not have been sufficient to protect the product.

- If the box or packaging is clearly damaged on delivery, the recipient must sign for as 'DAMAGED' otherwise any claim for damage will be refused. It is the sender’s responsibility to inform the recipient of these terms and conditions.

- All lost and damaged parcels have to be reported within the time frame specified by each courier company. Lost and damaged parcels reported after the specified time frame will not be eligible for the compensation claim.

Please state your daEzbox order/tracking number and a detailed description of the claim/complaint. Allow 2 working days for us to review all details of the claim before we contact you.

PACKAGING GUIDELINES To ensure your package is delivered safely and on time, you may refer to these packaging guidelines:

1. Label your package with the Consignment Note as provided. i.e. POS Laju.

2. Remove any markings or labels on the package that are no longer applicable.

3. For packages with multiple items inside, wrap each item individually before placing them in a box – especially for the fragile items.

4. Use adequate cushioning material (i.e.: bubble wrap, crumpled paper, etc).

5. Use strong tape to secure your box or parcel.

6. Ensure your package is properly sealed as to avoid exposure from external elements (i.e. direct sunlight, rain water, dust, etc).

7. Do not use string or paper over-wrap.

8. Please wrap and tape all sharped edges or protrusions for odd or irregular-shaped items.

6) Late deliveries

- If at any time courier companies are prevented or delayed from starting, carrying out or completing any of the services because of a strike, lock out, labour dispute, weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown or obstruction of any public or private road or highway or any other cause beyond their control, you shall have no claim for damages against us for any loss that you may suffer as a result.

- We shall not in any circumstances be liable for any late delivery or missed delivery or failure to deliver caused by or contributed to by any deficient or ambiguous labelling of a consignment and you agree to be responsible for ensuring that such labelling is clear and unambiguous.